This life shows us all kinds of colors about our life, sometimes it gives us happiness, sometimes it hurts and at that time we do not understand why this is happening, we work hard day and night and exert all our powers to get something, but just because your efforts are not successful, then slowly your attitude towards life starts changing. Why didn’t I say the truth? and at that time we get very desperate and we get frustrated, his passion for living does not know where he disappears, he loses. Because they do not have enough power to take them beyond victory after defeat.


But if you have the power to answer why, then no defeat of the world can fade your enthusiasm. If you know that why you went on your journey, what was the meaning of joining this journey? What was the purpose, then you will never be afraid of every defeat that comes in the journey, if this is why the longing to get it is greater than you, then you will find all the troubles in the journey will be small . There is no one more powerful when you focused on your goal and when you focused on your goal then you don’t need alarm clock to wake up. Think in your mind that you have so much power for what you want to do, that is does not let you sleep. If yes, then you do not need any more motivation from others.

Lifes situation

Just like our president Dr. A.p.j Abdul kalam said that ‘Dreams are not what you see while sleeping, dreams are those that do not let you sleep’. Abdul kalam ji said, we should own it in our life to get success. Without hard work we cannot get any achievement in our life. If you feel that you cannot do it then stand Infront of mirror and say I CAN DO IT you will get a power to do any work.

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