Today I want to say something about mothers. Mother I tear my eyes as soon as I hear these words, such a pure word. Taking mother’s name is like taking the name of God. Whenever we have any problem we remember God and remembering God means remembering mother.

The mother is given the status of God in this world, because whenever we have a problem, the mother feels.In this world only God and Mother are the only two people who get to know our problems first. On seeing our face, mother finds out whether we have any problem or problem. Sometimes when we are a little upset, our anger also comes out on the mother But even then she does not say anything to us mother is like this, if the same thing happens to mother and if mother shouts at us, We get upset.

Something about  mothers

We never see our mother’s grief, but do not know how she sees it Perhaps god has given a different super power to Mothers so that she sees all our sorrows. Two chapati eat less, but two breads are always forcibly fed to their children, mother is like this. Mother herself used to feed us fresh food after eating stale food, mother is like this. She can tolerate all the problems and she do it too, but she can’t see her child’s face problem .

She takes all the problems of her child and as well as families problem. As much as I can write for the mother is less, when God also bends in front of mother, we are only human. There are many people in the world who thinks that if we do not have money, then we are poor, so they think absolutely wrong Because as long as mother’s hand is on us, we are the richest person in the world. There is paradise under the mother’s feet, not just only to say they are true. So respect your mother and love your mother.

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