Today I want to tell you something about Opportunity. I want to it through a an interview of a great man. Once a day bill gates are interviewed. His interview takes a lady reporter and she would ask Bill gates “Sir, how are you so successful?” and rich. Billgates gets his cheque book out of the pocket and one of them gives a blank cheque to that lady interviewer and said that the amount of money you need, fill that amount in this blank cheque.


Then that lady interview says sir, you taking me wrong I don’t mean that. Then she asked the same question in different way then bill gates said that now you could have the richest reporter but you lost that Opportunity. If I was in your place and someone gives me that Opportunity then I never leave it because I never lose opportunities, i always take opportunities as a challenge.


From this story we learnt that we should never lose opportunities when it comes to us. When Opportunity is coming to our door and knocking the door, then we should take that Opportunity.
Opportunity will come and go but it ups to you that how you are taking it. Are you taking in good way or are you taking in bad way?. Opportunities may be good or bad but you have to make that Opportunity to good for you because if you want to be a successful person so have to grab the best opportunity for yourself.


By an interview of a great man you all have understood that how opportunities is important in our life. Opportunity will come to your it’s up to you that you are taking it or not. Sometimes it will come to you or sometime you will give to another. This is our responsibility we should give opportunity to all because one opportunity can change their life in good way.

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