Difference in Confidence and Craze

Today I want to share a difference between confidence and craze. Confidence is the guest for only two or three days but craze it always live in our mind and in our heart.


Confidence means you have trust or believe in your self and in your work. Confidence is better than overconfidence. When we want something and we start doing work on it. In starting we all in full confidence but after some days it becomes low. All want success but no one want to do hard work therefore many people leave it in middle. Some people get small success and they think that now they don’t need to do hard work. They think like that because that time they are in overconfidence. We never listen our heart. Sometimes is better to think from heart rather than mind because it said that empty mind is the house of devil.



Craze means junun. Passion for doing something. If we have passion to do something than we can get anything. When we decide to get something we should have craze for that because craziness is the thing from which we can get our all dreams. when we do work hard for that thing and we get some positive result that time we get more energetic for that work. Passion comes from our heart and as well as from our mind and when it happens no one can’t stop us to get success.


When we think to start a new work for that work we have so much confidence or it can be say over confidence. So, when we do work we should have both self confidence and craziness from it we will enjoy our work or we will get good result. Confidence is good but over confidence can be bad for you.

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