As we all know that Uttarakhand is very peaceful and beautiful place to wonder. So, here are some unique things about the most famous temple of Uttarakhand. The name of this beautiful temple is Kainchi Dham. Here many people comes to visit from another state or another country.

Special about this temple

The special about Kainchi dham is that it is located on the banks of Bhawali-Almora / Ranikhet National Highway in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. This temple is build by Maharaj ji to preaching his blessings. On May 24 1962, Baba placed his holy feet on that land and on 15 June 1964, An idol of Hanuman was prestige in the temple. Since then, 15 June has been celebrated as Reputation Day. This temple is constructed very beautifully in the middle of forest and a very peaceful place where you can see river. A good positivity you get from this temple that will change your mood completely.

Beautiful temple kainchi Dham


A fair is organized here on the 16th of June, which is very crowded as this fair is held for only one day. Many people come here with their families to see this beautiful fair.
There are many types of shops in this fair such as Clothes Shop (For Ladies and Men Both), Food Shop (Famous Food of Uttarakhand), Famous Mall Pua etc.. In this fair a lot of swings are made, little children swing with their parents. People go out of their homes in the morning to see this fair and go to their homes by night. This fair is popular in Uttarakhand and or many states.
Not only the fair time, but there are crowds here for the rest of the days to see this temple. Inside the temple there are many information wrote on templates about this temple and about its history as well.


In Uttarakhand there are many more beautiful places where we can wonder and can get knowledge about them. Uttarakhand is also called ‘Dev Bhumi’ because it is believes that here is a abode of god.

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