Today I want to tell you difference between USE v/s UTILISATION. In Hindi USE and UTILISATION both have same meaning is ‘UPYOG‘ but it ups on us that How do we take its meaning? Many people thinks that use and utilisation both are same words and they use these two words in place of each other.

Meaning of Use

That means we use something, and after that we have no need for this or we use something for a given reason. Today’s people are using time they are not utilising it because they don’t know about time value. Example: when we travel by bus or any other sources we all use water bottle to drink water from it. We drink water and after drinking we throw out that bottle if we have knowledge about UTILISATION we will not do that things. We should reuse our water bottle and then we can say that we utilised it.

Use and utilisation

Meaning of Utilisation

That means we are using a product and after use, we are implementing it to start new work or we use something to turn into practical use. We should utilized our time because time is very precious or not only time everything which we are doing is precious for us. If you get any Opportunity then take it and utilised it, never take it only for use. Utilisation of knowledge can be your first step of success because when we start to utilise our knowledge in productive work it help us and our country economics.


We should understood difference between use v/s utilisation. People thinks that USE and UTILISATION are sounding same so they have same meaning but they are wrong. They never try to find the exact meaning of use and utilisation what these words want to tell us.

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