Why 2020 is the worst year? As we all know, the corona virus has spread all over the country’s. In India also Corona virus is spreading very badly from which many people lost their lives. During this major virus we have lost our 3 gems and our soldiers. who are protecting us even in this major virus.

Corona Virus

Corona virus is a virus which is created by china. During a experiment it created and after that it had been spreading in all countries. For all countries 2020 will be the most worst year. The first case of Corona virus in India was found in Kerala on 30 January.

Worst year

After that it spread very quickly and to spread it no more prime minister Narendra Modi ji announced lockdown which are these type:
1 ist lockdown announced on 25 march to 14 April for 21 days.

2 lockdown 2.0 announced on 15 April to 3rd may for 19 days.

3 lockdown 3 announced on 4th may to 17th may for 14 days.

4 lockdown 4 announced on 17th may to 30 may.

From this virus India’s economy have fallen very badly and many people lost their jobs now they have no source to earn and because of that they are moving to their villages.

Amphan Cyclone

The corona virus is not yet cured that a cyclone has arrived in Odisha and Bangel. The name of this cyclone is Amphan Cyclone which was very bad from this many people died and they have lost their homes and their families. Many trees uprooted and Many houses flew through the air.

Amphan Cyclone

Seeing this, our Prime minister Narendra Modi has announced 500 crore relief to Odisha and 1000 crore to west Bengal.

Locust Attack

Not yet emerged from cyclone that grasshoppers has attacked in Rajasthan. It is believed that this is coming from Pakistan to destroy our fields. It came in large-scale quantities and they damaged a lot of farms.


The locust menace also hit Andhra Pradesh. In Tamil Nadu also locust attacked banana, rubber and other crops in some districts. Total they damaged crops in five states- Rajasthan , Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Going according to the wind direction, they damaged the crops of various states.

So, here are the reasons why 2020 is the most worst year. In this year people faced many problems some lost their families, lost their homes ,lost their jobs etc. No one will forget this year and no one will remember this worst year.

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